From the desk of Editor-in-Chief

From the desk of Editor-in-Chief

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Dear Readers,
Greetings and best wishes for actualisation of the HOPE that “Good days are about to come,” the campaign theme on which BJP & NDA came to power.
It seems, my good wishes in the last month editorial, for stable and able government have fructified. We have got a stable government at the center with absolute majority and an able leader, who has proved his leadership ability as the Chief Minister of Gujarat and as the Campaign Committee Chairman, leading the Lok Sabha Election campaign from the front. He has demolished, the opposition decisively, limiting Congress to 43 seats and created history by making BJP win 283 and NDA win 307 seats in the 15th Lok Sabha. This is highest score for NDA and BJP in the history.
The country is charged with hope; hope for development and progress. At this juncture, CSR VISION as a magazine, promoting Responsibil conduct in corporate domain or political domain or in the government has a loto to rejoice. This is because we have in hand a historic political event, which speaks volumes about responsible politics and responsible governance.
Ideally, responsible politics is committed to the welfare of the citizens and not to the welfare of the politicians. Similarly responsible governance is committed to the welfare of the citizens and not to the welfare of the government, its systems and the people who work within it.
Few lessons need to be learnt from this unique success, which seems to be missed by many,
The last ten years marked by,
a) Chaotic rule of 1JPA-II regime and the vote bank politics and governance validated by passing of the MNAREGA Food Security Bill, and creation of TELENGANA etc
b) The historic Election Campaign dominated by Narendra Modi led NDA I BJP and
c) The historic — unprecedented win of BJP / NDA.
These developments, if analysed carefully points out to a unique trend. The trend is towards RESPONIBLE POLTICS and GOVERNANCE, which is always for the benefit of the VOTERS, away from VOTE BANK politics and GOVERNANCE, which is always for the benefit of the people in politics and government.
The Indian Voters have proved a serious point that they are responsible for their future and they are capable of giving themselves a STABLE and ABLE government, contrary to the assertion of the irresponsible politicians that India has no way out of Coalition Politics. This election is the columniation of last ten years of vote bank politics, which defrat of the government practicing vote bank policies. Therefore, the people responsible for practice and perpetuation of Vote bank politics should respect the direction of time and amend themselves, other than trying to act against the current and fight against the DEVELOPMENT oriented Responsible Politics and Governance.
The key lessons this historic election teaches us, which are yet to sink in includes,
1. Electorate has decided in favour of Politics and governance for DEVELOPMENT and against politics and Governance for VOTE BANK,
2. A competent leader like Narendra Modi can make all the difference and leadership is the real key to success, contrary to the dominant perception that has been continuing since independence thatapartyand an ideology is the key.
3. Professional management of the election as an event backed by IT support systems acting as catalytic tools can make a huge difference.
4. No media or marketing campaign can deliver results, if the product being promoted is not good enough. The accusation that BJP and Narendra Modi are only riding a “media wave” created by money power and not any “Modi wave” has been disproved beyond doubt. If, Modi as a leader was unable to create the confidence among the voters, then no amount of media campaign could have helped.
5. Responsible political Leaders are the key to positive change.
Please write to me your opinion and suggestions. You may also log on to, our web portal, which is loaded with plethora of information.

Prof. Ranjan Mohapatra

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