From the Desk of Editor-in-Chief

From the Desk of Editor-in-Chief

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Ranjan Mohapatra

Dear Readers,

Greetings for Vasant Panchami!

This month of Feb 2019 is respected to be recorded in history of India not only for the coveted 2019 Loksabha/ National election expected to confirm or reject Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister of India even after establishing himself as visionary leader in global arena seems to be challenging the position of global leaders like President of America Mr. Trump, Prime Minister or Russia, Mr. Putin and President of China Xi Jinping. The combination of opposition parties in India is afraid of their political survival due to the gigantic rise of Narendra Modi as the dominant political force who single handedly created a political wave named as Modi wave which swept BJP into power in central Govt. with a massive majority; creating an unprecedented electoral history in 2014.

However the united efforts of all political parties has been successful in damaging or creating a dent in the popularity of Modi Govt. and snatching away two states of northern India like MP and Rajasthan, this forced PM Modi to make all out effort to regain his lost grounds. As a responsible politician he learnt from the history and took the corrective initiatives before 2019 national election. Modi Govt. started with post electoral defeat in MP and Rajasthan through addressing the concerns of upper caste hindus who had been aggrieved due to the enactment of SC/ST law protecting SC/STs, for appeasing SC/STs as a major vote bank to correct the situation. Modi Govt. enacted laws for providing reservation in educational institutions and jobs for economically backward population for all communities including hindu, muslim, sikh etc. because of the potential electoral fallout all opposition parties had to vote for the 10% reservation for economically backward upper class.

Next came the filing of petition in the Supreme Court by the Modi Govt. for refunding the land in Ayodhaya which is undisputed and can open up the way for construction of Ram temple with significant electoral impact next in the interim budget, the last budget of Modi Govt. which was announced on 1st Feb in Loksabha which has come out with much awaited provisions of addressing the interest of almost all major electoral segments making it a historic pre-election budget for e.g. to address the major aggrieved segment of the farmers, damaging the electoral performance of BJP in state elections. This budget came up with an ideal scheme called income support transfer to reach about 12 crore farmers. In addition to income support transfers scheme of Rs. 6000 per farmer – per hector per year, the Govt. has also launched few other schemes to appease the farmers for providing relief from interest. Also addressing the concerns of unorgainsed sector involving a large vote bank of street vendors etc. by providing them pension, after 60 years of age through a scheme called Pradhan Mantri Shramjogi maan dhan giving Rs. 3000 per month.

Pradhan Mantri Kisan Sammannidhi providing pension to landless labour and farmers and agricultural labour providing cash Rs. 3000, then addressing the Indian Middle class the largest influencing segment of Indian society. The middle class tax payer who waiting for basic exemption which has been done in this budget appeasing the middle class intelligencia creating ripples of happiness and appeasing a major voter segment including the first time voters. In addition to above schemes like Ayushaman Bharat providing health insurance to the needy people and the Swachh Bharat mission which has been supported under the budget apart from increasing allocation for MGNREGA.

All the above mentioned schemes clearly signifies the strategic intent of Modi Govt. to leave no stone unturned in appeasing all electoral segments and ensure victory in 2019 national election and give a blow to the planned opposition unity in the name of MahagatBandhan. However the success efforts of the Modi Govt. will be tested during the electoral results of 2019 elections.

Looking at the scenario with a critical eye for ensuring and growth in Indian economy and global image of India, Modi Govt. initiated a harsh measures including demonetization, GST etc. in the first three years of Govt. with a long term strategic vision for progress, disappointing few sections of voters. Therefore the measures taken after the loss of Rajasthan and MP to regain the lost ground is justified to ensure the continuity of the initiatives for the long term and sustained growth of India.

This issue also, covers a lead story on CSR and Corporate Accountability. This issue covers the interview of Bhartuhari Mahtab, Member of the 16th Lok Sabha of India and covers the Guest Column of Dr. Srikant Sharma, MD, MBBS on Winter Diseases.

Happy Reading. Be responsible and promote responsibility around you. Please write to me your opinions and suggestions. You may also log on to, our portal which is loaded with plethora of information.

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