Tips for Leadership Quotes

When people want to

Meeting people yo network, ask for something in return u barely know for coffee can seem like a hassle, but don’t turn them down. Instead, say yes, but with a request to have them also help you in some way, writes Jason Goldlist, chief marketing officer at Wealthsimple. “It might not scale. It might not ever show up as its own marketing channel in your reporting dashboard. But it’s a simple and reliable stream of quick wins,”

Are you spending too much time in the spotlight?

Companies in the Standard & Poor’s 1500 that heavily promote their CEOs in the media risk becoming complacent and hurting long-term performance, “PR teams should think carefully about how to position their CEOs in the media glare — and perhaps ask them to ease back from the spotlight for the good of the company,”
A CEO’s tips on internal communication

Internal communications tools are a good way to help employees feel engaged and included, writes Amy Rees Anderson, former CEO of MediConnect Global. She posted a daily message to employees sharing her thoughts on the company. “The more I shared the more the employees got behind me and supported me as their leader,”

Good leaders are a combination of Moses and Galileo

The best bosses inspire faith but are determined to find the truth, even when that means accepting bad news, says Tae Hea Nahm, managing director of Storm Ventures. “If you share all the doubts and fears with people, then people sort of freak out, whether they’re other investors or employees or executives. You have to provide a path to success,”

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