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Leadership Tips

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Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.
John F. Kennedy


Leadership also involves a continuous search for new ideas. It compels an individual to continuously evaluate the existing modes of business operations so that more efficient and effective systems can be evolved and adopted. In other words, leadership is a continuous effort for synergy (optimization of performance) in organizations.


Lack of focus is the reason many small companies fail. The best leaders solve that problem through ruthless prioritization. They identify the three most impactful projects from a list of ten and focus their team on those three. They help keep their employees proverbial plates just the right amount of full.

Warmth and Competence

Research out of Harvard Business School found that the best leaders have two unique qualities: warmth and competence. They followed leaders from around the world and discovered that these two characteristics set the best bosses apart. Managers need both of these qualities to lead with their head and their heart.


If you dont trust their character then nothing else really matters. There are many key attributes of a good leader that are derivatives of legitimate character and integrity. Leaders that cant be trusted are dangerous and, more often than not, end up being a cancer to the organization that is painful and costly to remove.

Lifelong Curiosity

The world is constantly evolving. Without an intense curiosity and a desire to learn, you will be left behind and increasingly unable to converse, much less keep up, with your peers. Staying abreast of new learning opportunities requires a humble awareness that what you know is not enough and that you always have more to learn.

Good Negotiator

Doing business across ethnic, national and regional boundaries requires strong negotiating skills. If you can add these skills to an innate enjoyment of the gamesmanship involved in negotiating, you will become a highly effective negotiator.


A certain charisma surrounds you if you are an influential leader. Part of it but only part is position or title. The bigger portion is dress, self-confidence, energy level, interest in other people and comfort with the challenges at hand. You may not want to believe these things matter, but they do.

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