Leadership Tips

Leadership Tips

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The art of communication is the language of leadership.
James Humes

Develop Your Competence

Competence breeds confidence, no two ways about it. If you want to be more secure in your leadership abilities then you need to keep learning and growing. Read books, take classes, get a mentor, and learn from others. Leaders always strive to improve their craft.

Focus on building trust

Trust is the foundation of everything. You have to earn peoples trust before they will follow you and give their all. Leaders focus on building trust by being good at what they do, acting with integrity, caring for others, and following through on their commitments.

Build up other people

One of the great qualities of good leaders is that they dont feel the need to build themselves up by tearing down others. Secure enough in their self-worth, they take pride in the accomplishments of their team members and do everything they can to set them up for success. A good leader knows that his success comes from the success of his people.


It is one of the most critical skills of a leader. Foresight is the capacity to accurately focus on the key factors of a rapidly changing and chaotic situation without losing sight of the big picture. The best leaders anticipate and develop an ability to see beyond the immediate and are able to visualize and plan several moves ahead of their opponent. Foresight helps leaders act in a manner that addresses problems in the short term and solves them in the long run. In war, foresight is as valuable as it is rare.

Be the example

Being a leader means setting the right example for your people. Your attitude, the tone of voice you use in speaking to others, your work ethic, and the way you treat people are just a few of the ways you will influence your people. Just as a child will observe and often imitate every move of his father, your people are always taking their cue from the actions of their leader.

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