Leadership Tips

Leadership Tips

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Keep your promises and be consistent. Be the kind of person others can trust.
Roy T.Bennett

Value the opinions of others

Humble leaders seek input from others to ensure they have all the facts and are making decisions that are in the best interest of the team. People want to work for people who value their opinions rather than ignore or dismiss them. Effectively humble leaders are comfortable asking for input and can just as easily be decisive when the situation calls for it, he adds.

Tend to others’ needs

The performance of a team is typically much higher when team members believe their leaders are truly looking out for their best interests. That doesn’t mean hand-holding, but it does mean caring about the environment in which your team is working and ensuring that they have what they need to do a good job.

Show confidence in your decisions

When you undertake the responsibility of leadership, you have to be comfortable making big decisions and sticking to them. You can’t be afraid to be decisive and make tough calls when circumstances require it. It’s critical you understand the many facets of an issue and obtain as much information to make an informed decision. Ensure your choices are not just beneficial to you, but with the organization’s goal in mind.

Accept ambiguity

Many leaders want to control everything. But some things can’t be known up front or beforehand. You have to know when to take chargeor when to let go and not try to force everything to go your way. Sometimes, it’s important to admit that you don’t know the best answer, and wait until you have the best information to make a decision or change.

Realize it’s not about you

As a leader, it’s your responsibility to focus on your team and their needs, growth, and well-being. Great leaders are caretakers, providing safe work environments where their employees have a purpose.

Control your emotions

Team management is no easy task. Many times you will find it difficult to control your emotions and your temper, but if you show an excessively emotional side of you, your management may be damaged. A good leader stays calm in tense situations in order to earn respect.

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