NASSCOM Foundation to conform CSR rules

NASSCOM Foundation to conform CSR rules

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Rita Soni, CEO OF NASSCOM foundation spoke on revisions of CSR rules in a discussion titled ‘CSR: Rules, Legal Implications and Opportunities,’ organized by Centre for Software and IT Management at Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. In the presence of many representatives from various companies, Rita Soni suggested for more transparency on corporate social responsibility (CSR) rules and several activities which could play an important role in modifying corporate social responsibility scenario.

Highlighting the role of NASSCOM foundation towards CSR, Rita Soni talked about company’s role in sprucing up its initiatives which will support donation of software, refurbishment of computers and some other products. B V R Mohan Reddy, vice-chairperson, NASSCOM Foundation announced that more than 8,000 companies and around Rs 12,000 crore will be spent as CSR this year.

Abhishek Humbad, co-founder of NextGen, informed the participants of the discussion that Pharmacy companies which are providing free medication to poor families through their cost of manufactured products now is a part of CSR spending as per Delhi High Court rules.

Santosh Jayaram, technical director – sustainability and climate change, KPMG India said that: “There has to be a process of evaluating the CSR activities undertaken by companies. How many times will companies have to move court asking for change in the schedule?” The Ministry for Corporate Affairs shall put in place a process for companies to represent themselves.

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