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I was glad to see the interview of Tensie Whelan who has responded to the questions comprehensively and also promoting the sustainability at international level. I would love to see the interview of more international leaders in CSR VISION.

—Rajni Gupta, Delhi

Your approach to the journal is unbeatable by others. I really appreciate the skill and hard work of the team to keep this journal running smoothly.

—Shubham Ahlawat, Dehradun

I went through the June issue of CSR VISION and the eye catching part was the column of India Gems, where you had covered the LGBT activist. I was glad to see the stories of inspiring LGBT activist in your magazine, who struggled a lot in their life and now have become an inspiration to many people. Well done CSR VISION

—Piyali Raj, Gurgaon

Being a regular reader, I have found the July issue really impressive in which you categorically mentioned the benefits of CSR and sustainability to the business through the flowcharts and case studies of prestigious companies. And its always a new experience for me to know more about CSR and this time you have covered the global leaders who have done a lot towards the society, economy and environment.

—Ashutosh Agarwal, Lucknow

I have gone through your magazine and I have found the article on Inclusive business for sustainable growth very informative. Please incorporate more such articles in your journal.

— Rakesh Dutta, Assam

Good to know about the Maharashtra couple in the column of social media trends. They have done such a unique thing not for themselves but for those students who don’t have the means to prepare for competitive exam. Thank you for this inspirational story.

— Aviral Maheshwari, Rajasthan

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