SAMADHAN,Challenges to Celebration’s

SAMADHAN,Challenges to Celebration’s


Encouraging children with Intellectual disability to showcase their creative side

SAMADHAN, a 36 year old NGO for children with intellectual disabilities, in partnership with Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India organised a half day event in an attempt to showcase the creative side of children with intellectual ability and providing a platform for children and parents to share their experiences.

Challenges to Celebrations, witnessed parents and family members of children with Intellectual disabilities, share their stories, inspiring many to be courageous, resilient and persevere.

The event involved an exhibition titled Expressions for Intellectually Disabled Persons to display their artwork. 110 entries were received from 99 participants from Delhi NCR and 22 entries have been selected to be showcased at the exhibition. It also involved musical and dance performances by children with Intellectual Disability wherein over 20 children participated

Pramila Balasundaram, Founder, SAMADHAN, said The most marginalized group of people /children in the world are those diagnosed with intellectual disability. Inclusion is the buzz word today with reference to disability .But we must realize that inclusion does not stop at the school gates .It should be inclusion in the family, the community, in society, at the workplace. This demands that we see them as people first and that like all of us they also need opportunities to optimize whatever skills they have .So our aim in organizing C2C is to create awareness on what the intellectually disabled can do given a canvas to paint their stories in whatever medium that suits their skill sets to converting their challenges to expressions of feelings and emotions.

Pradeep Nair, Regional Director, Ford Foundation, said at the event, the work that is closest to our heart is the one we do in our own neighbourhood. It is for the longest time that we are supporting organisations like SAMADHAN. Every single time, we still get humbled when we realise how much work and dedication goes behind such organisations .

In order to encourage the participants, Certificate of Appreciation were given out to the all the entries at the exhibition, and those artists whose paintings/drawings chosen for display were given gifts and a booklet featuring their work.

I feel so good to see my son participate. This is for the first time he has got an opportunity to be a part of any such event. We have been coming to SAMADHAN since last 6 years, says Barkha, a parent.

About Samadhan SAMADHAN

Samadhan (, NGO was registered in 1981 with a purpose of helping children with disabilities. It initiated its operations in 1983 in a low socio economic community named Dakshinpuri inhabited by mostly migrants and daily wage laborers. Over the past 36 years, services have been tailored to suit low socio economic communities. SAMADHANs philosophy is that all persons with intellectual disability can be helped, if appropriate and timely services are available. Over the years, it has effectively transferred this philosophy into action and developed a viable model of service delivery linking services for the intellectually disabled, with the needs of their mothers and of the women in the community, using locally available resources.

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