Saudi Uses Drones in Fashion Show

Fashion show in Saudi Arabia seems to have taken the fashion world by a storm. In a clip that is being widely shared and circulated on social media, drone models seem to have replaced human models on the runway. The event took place at the Hilton Hotel in the Red Sea port city of Jeddah and this might be the weirdest fashion show in the history of fashion shows.

Maharashtra Couple Requests Books as Wedding Gift

Meet Amar and Rani Kalamkar, a couple who firmly believes in the power of books. Amar has been an active social worker for 15 years now and runs an NGO called YuvaChetna, always wanted to set up a public library with educational books. So, Kamalkar decided to use his wedding as an opportunity get this dream kick-started. At their wedding, they did away with all the unnecessary pomp and asked the guests to bring educational books as gifts.

Lakshmi Bai: a 72-Year-Old Typist and inspiration for everyone

It would be very hard to miss this old woman, who sits with her old typewriter outside a collectors office in Sehore, Madhya Pradesh, asking questions to people who approach her, and typing official documents for them. Lakshmi Bai, 72 years of age, works as a typist to repay her loans which she took after her daughter met with an accident. The most inspiring thing about her work is her speed and accuracy.

Mini Chipko movement recreated in Delhi to Protect Trees

A government order authorised the felling of about 14,000 trees in Delhi for the re-development of seven South Delhi colonies. About 1,500 protesters came out to protest against this order. In what is being called a mini Chipko movement, each of these protestors tied green rakhis to the trees and made a promise to protect them.With various peoples organisations coming forward to support such important causes, there is still hope for our environment and future generations.

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