Take it to grassroots,IOC’s way

Take it to grassroots,IOC’s way

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New Delhi: CSR is not an ad hoc charity. It needs to have a sustained approach for continual social, educational, skills-based training-oriented development of target communities, with a view to improving the quality of their life.

Going by this concept, Maruti Suzuki implemented the CSR concept rather well when it recently announced that it would adopt 40 Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) to build up a create a continually developing skilled labour pool.

Somewhat in the line of Taj Hotel groups’ Hunar se Rozgar, the initiative is being started in various parts of Gujarat. The company has a Rs. 18,000 crore expansion programme on anvil.The ITIs will provide sustained skilled labours to the auto-maker and its subsidiaries to stay ahead in the auto market.

The concept adequately addresses CSR as a tool to benefit business.The genesis of the concept lies in the thought that the business is not only taking care of the locational infrastructure development, but also grooming the youngsters in the localities into its skills-based training into automobile industry, to benefit its own business. This is a pioneering move by the country’s premier automobile manufacturers, which aims at grassroots development in underdeveloped areas. The thoughts gel very well with the mission of the National Skills Mission of the country.

According to it spokesperson, the pool shall help in the growth of the firm, and the skilled labours will get sustainably gainful careers leading to bettering their social status and lifestyles. It is a win-win situation for both the auto-maker and the skilled labours passed out of the ITIs.

At present the auto-maker, Maruti Suzuki, works with 10 ITIs from where they recruit the passed out skilled students. The project has ambitious programmes. The company would develop infrastructure of the ITIs, laboratories, install tools and machines and take the students to on-job trainings during the educational training programme, said the spokesperson.




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