There is more happiness in giving

There is more happiness in giving

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President, Tara Cancer Foundation, 
Director, Oncology Services, Fortis International Oncology 

Dr. Anshuman Kumar is a renowned senior Oncosurgeon of india .After completing his Graduation from Patna Medical and Post-graduation in General Surgery from Aligarh Muslim University, he did M.Ch in Oncosurgery from Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute (GCRI) Ahmedabad. Recipient of Gold Medal for his academic excellence has done MRCS from U.K (Edinburgh).Dr. Anshuman has developed various clinical & surgical techniques and protocol for management of complex cancers. He has conducted several workshops in various medical and dental colleges of India and abroad. He actively participates in media debates on cancer. He has chaired and addressed in the capacity of a chief speaker at various national and international conferences and has also presented multiple papers and attended various national and international conferences.

Apart from his professional commitment he is connected with Tara Cancer Foundation, an NGO along with other organizations for helping people.

Human being without empathy doesn’t qualify to be a doctor. The essential quality of a doctor is empathy for a person in pain. Dr. Anshuman Kumar is a distinguished Surgical Oncologist of the country who proudly possesses this key trait. He is serving as Director of Oncology Services, Fortis International Oncology and a humanitarian of its kind. Self –containment is the best way to happiness is the motto of Dr Anshuman who has completed his MBBS Degree from Patna Medical College, Patna. During his college time he got the opportunity to visit various colleges of India where he meet people of different background and mind-sets and help him to visualise India and its varied problems. Being an enthusiastic child he always wondered how to bridge the gap between demand and inaccessibility which later helps him to work for all those needy people who were denied of all the basic accessibility of life. He pursued his M.S. in General Surgery from Aligarh Muslim University, followed by M.Ch in Onco Surgery from Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute, Ahmedabad. He has also attained M.R.C.S. Degree from The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. While pursuing MBBS and M.Ch Degrees, Dr.Kumar was bestowed with Gold Medals for academic excellence exhibited by him. 

Among various diseases, cancer has become a big threat to human beings globally. As per Indian population census data, the rate of mortality due to cancer in India was high and alarming with about 806000 existing cases by the end of the last century. Cancer is the second most common disease in India responsible for maximum mortality with about 0.3 million deaths per year. This is owing to the poor availability of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the disease. And Dr Anshuman is tirelessly working for Cancer patients, examining them, motivating them for a better living. Not only that he is being associated with “Tara Cancer Foundation”- organisation which spread awareness about cancer related facts and treatments and provide necessary help to underprivileged cancer patients. The organization also aims to provide best accessibility for palliative care to advanced cancer patients. Apart from his daily commitments, the National President of Tara Cancer Foundation, Dr Anshuman devotes all his weekend for society in spreading awareness, training doctors, doing surgeries for free and also encouraging people to contribute a small portion of their life for Nation building.

He takes keen interest in delivering orations and lectures on subjects of Cancer Management and firmly believes that the main reason behind cancer is lifestyle of human beings. He started doing observational studies and analysis to reduce the burden of disease and to guide them and treat them in holistic approach. He also spread awareness on lifestyle modification and avoidance of cancer which stretches from Kashmir to Kutch, Manipur to Maharashtra. Dr Anshuman expresses that the experience of working for people is far better than sitting in an air conditioned chamber. His profound knowledge and proven expertise has enabled him to develop several Clinical and Surgical Techniques for management of Complex Cancers. He is actively involved in media debates for Cancer related issues and has also attended numerous national and international seminars. 

Dr Anshuman’s father who is also a surgeon is his motivation and he is the person who introduced him to the pain and difficulties of a cancer patient and their family. Non accessibility of required medical attentions in places like Bihar (work place of his father) pushes him to come to the capital.

He is an esteemed member of premier organizations, such as, European Society of Surgical Oncology and Indian Association of Surgical Oncology. Dr Anshuman was awarded by FICCI (Federation of Indian chamber of commerce and industry) for outstanding contribution for making oncological guidelines. In Dec 2014 he was awarded “Oncologist of the Year” from the Minister of Health and Family Welfare. Observing the need and response of people across nation, Last year he conceptualised to decentralise the working pattern of Tara Cancer Foundation in four different zones (North, East, West and south) so that wings can be spread further. With a mission to aware common people to learn the initial symptoms of cancer so that they can consult the doctor at early stage and get treated. He also believes that another segment which again of utmost importance is to train the doctors of non-metro cities so that they can detect problems in even pre-cancer stage. His on-going effort is to make treatment affordable and accessible for the mass.Dr Anshuman runs anti-smoking and anti-tobacco campaigns to make people know the adverse effect of it .The Foundation and his target not only restricted to urban areas. He and his Foundation organises various Cancer camp for providing medical treatments for free of cost The workshops and camps organise by team of Dr Anshuman were successful in delivering great impact among patients and others. They started to improve their lifestyle to remain healthy. People have understood the threat of smoking and the intake of such has reduced to a level among those who have attended his seminars or workshops. 

In the near future Dr Anshuman Kumar hopes to expand his work in order to double his outreach. His dream is to make our society less burdened with deadly disease and to re-introduce our ancient Indian culture for better and healthy lifestyle. His goal is to make treatment of Cancer affordable, accessible at low cost and serving people for free. 

Dr Anshuman Kumar probably couldn’t have achieved more in terms of satisfaction in any other profession. His greatest gifts have always been the smile of his patients who walked out with a smiling face.

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