Tiger Zinda Hai: The Tiger is alive and kicking

Tiger Zinda Hai: The Tiger is alive and kicking

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The cheese-soaked Bollywood action blockbuster "Tiger Zinda Hai,"a big splashy movie where Indian and Pakistani special agents team up to defeat Syrian terrorists holed up in Iraq, is retrograde, bloated,and formulaic. Its also consistently sincere, energizing, and charming.

The story picks up from where the first film in the franchise left off.Indian RAW agent Tiger (Salman Khan) and ISI agent Zoya (Katrina Kaif)are married and living a peaceful life with their son. Eight years have gone by since they decided to choose love over their missions. But their plans will change very soon, with another mission (most impossible)coming up for this sota hua Tiger.

The film is visually stunning in parts and Salman Khan plays Tiger with roaring confidence and dialogues packed with punch. Of course, his fans get a true-blue Salman Khan moment when he bares his torso. However, the screenplay often loses focus,slackening the films pace and our attention. Director Ali Abbas Zafar had a lot of ammo in hand, with the star power of Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif adding to that. But the direction falters and he is unable to keep you riveted through the films runtime. Supporting actors that make up the rescue mission team are competent and Paresh Rawal delivers a dependable performance. Katrina Kaif gets into action-girl mode, displaying some kick-ass stunts. Meanwhile, the antagonist, Abu Usman (Sajjad Delafrooz), heading the terrorist organisation, is effective in his role.

Undeniably impressive in terms of its scale and flawless technical attributes – the production design is fabulous, the action sequences are spectacular and the camerawork by Polish cinematographer Marcin Laskawiec is dazzlingly


CAST: Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif,Sajjad Delafroz

DIRECTOR: Ali Abbas Zafar
GENRE: Action Thriller
RATING: 3.5/5

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