Unsung Theatre Personages – September

Unsung Theatre Personages – September

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Lilette-DubeyLilette Dubey

Although a noted film and TV actor, Lilette has been more active as a theatre artist. She discovered theatre early on in her life and hasn’t looked back ever since. She runs her own theatre company The Primetime Theatre and has acted and directed some of the most wildly successful plays, including Mahesh Dattani’s Dance Like A Man. Her other famous plays include 30 Days in September, Kanyaadan and Aadhe Adhure.

Sunil-ShanbagSunil Shanbag

Sunil Shanbag is the founder of Arpana Theatre whose plays are known for blending classic literature with contemporary settings. He directed plays such as Cotton 56, Polyester 84 which went on to garner awards as well as critical praise. His other notable plays include, Sex, Morality & Censorship, Walking to the Sun, Dreams of Taleem and Stories in a Song.

Rajit-KapurRajit Kapur

Rajit Kapur is a known face in theatre as well as films. He’s also the co-founder of Rage Theatre. He’s most remembered for his award-winning portrayal of Mahatma Gandhi in the 1996 film by the same name as well as plays like Larins Sahib, Love Letters, Are There Tigers in Congo?, Class of 84 among others.

Naseerudin-Shah-afpNaseeruddin Shah

One of the most revered actors in the country, Naseeruddin Shah (Mirch Masala, A Wednesday, Sarfarosh) honed his talents on the stage. In 1977, he formed Motley Productions, a theatre group with fellow actors, Tom Alter and Benjamin Gilani. Their first play was Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot.

Atul-KumarAtul Kumar

Atul Kumar is the founder of The Company Theatre. He was invited by Shakespeare’s Globe, UK, to direct their international theatre festival. He has translated English plays like Tartuffe and The Chairs to Hindi. As a part of The Company Theatre, he has also directed renowned international and national festivals like Theatre National de Nice, Instant Karma, Prithvi Theatre Festival and National Theatre Festival.

Akarsh-Khurana-CP-Partner-peopleAkarsh Khurana

The man behind Akvarious Productions, perhaps India’s most prolific theatre companies today, has produced more than 22 plays and directed 10 of them. He’s one of the most talked about names in the theatre circuit today. Akvarious Productions has over 50 productions in a span of 15 years already! Some of the most popular plays include All About Women, The Adventures of Tintin, A Guy Thing and Blackbird.

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